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Category: Lifestyle

Best Vegan & Vegetarian London Eats

I absolutely love London – it’s a wonderful city for walking, with amazing shops, museums…

The Health Habit Book Review

I’ve been following Elizabeth Rider for several years now, and especially love her Elizabeth…

How to Stay Healthy While on Holiday

Some people travel for the sights, nature, the cultural experience or even the shopping. I…

How to Loose Weight Without Dieting

If you think I’m gonna tell you to eat junk and still be able…

5 Tips to Staying Healthy during Ramadan

Ramadan is around the corner…10 days and counting. I’m so excited, I love…

My Favorite Coffee Alternatives in Preparation for Ramadan

I love coffee…the taste, the smell…the everything. Usually I have a Turkish, medium…

Plant-Based Ramadan – Pros & Cons

Advnaced Guide to Eating More Veggies

So you enjoy vegetables but you need to make a conscious effort to eat more…

Beginners Guide to Eating More Veggies