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Category: Lifestyle

5 Things to Leave Behind in 2018

Happy New year! May 2019 be a blessed and joyful year for you and your…

Habits for a More Success in 2019

There are so many books, videos and articles about the habits of highly successful people…

Top Tips to Workout Regularly

I’ve been working out for over 20 years now. And although a lot has…

Veganism Q&A and Tips with Abeer AlSharhan

To celebrate and support World Vegan Month (who knew that existed??) I interviewed Abeer AlSharhan…

10 Productivity Tips: How to Get More Done

How to Quit Soft Drinks

The 7 Benefits of Journaling

I’ve been journaling for so long, I honestly can’t say for sure how…

5 Healthy Foods Your Kids Will Love!

It should come as no surprise that all 5 are plant foods, because no matter…

National Day Themed Table

I love themed tables, however they do require quite a lot of time and planning…