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Slide Get started home-cooked meals? Let me help you with an online cooking class. Looking for inspiration for your

You know that home-cooked meals are healthier for you and your family and can probably help you reach your goal weight without dieting. But you don’t know where to start or lack the motivation, or both, and ordering a meal online is so much easier right?

 I can help you make home-cooked meals so easy and fun you will (almost) never order take-out again! 

As a Culinary Nutrition Expert, health coach, recipe developer, and plant-based chef, I will take you on a delicious culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll discover how to make a variety of healthy and delicious recipes and gain practical experience cooking recipes from start to finish.

All of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and super yummy.

You will walk away from the class with:

  • Tips for creating healthy meals.
  • Meal prepping and batch-cooking ideas.
  • 6 tasty and healthy recipes. From snacks to main meals to dessert, with customisable options to give family members more choice and control.  
  • A solid grasp of culinary skills that will invite you to cook with confidence in your own kitchen.
  • Empowerment to cook healthy meals you and your family will enjoy eating.  

Meals are easier and more delicious when you have the best foods, recipes and culinary skills to accompany you on your health journey.

As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Plant-Based Chef, I have extensive experience in recipe development, therapeutic foods and cooking for health. I can help you learn how to cook tasty meals that will be a hit with family and friends.

Classes are available for one-on-one private instruction online, personalised to your dietary concerns and preferences, or for groups.

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Class options include:

  • Family Favorites
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Allergen Friendly
  • Cooking for Great Digestion
  • Meal Prep Made Easy
  • Eating for Awesome Energy
  • Best Healthy Breakfasts

Handouts with all the recipes and additional helpful information will be available for participants. The class will be approximately 3 hours long, with the last 30 minutes for enjoying the prepared meals and Q&A.

Please get in touch with me if you’d like to book a private class to learn about pricing or discuss a customised class for your group.

Note: All classes are gluten-free. Private courses can be adjusted to your dietary needs (allergies, diet, or other restrictions).



Slide After taking the Food Freedom course I have been able to make peace with all food, and the bouts of binging have disappeared. For the first time I feel free with my food which now aligns with my one of my top personal values in life - freedom.
Badriya, UAE
Slide The Food Freedom course helped me in so many ways, but especially in navigating emotional eating, as well movment fo joy. The worksheets and exercises upcompanying the course are very helpful, and dealing with Arwa is very easy.
Sara, Iraq
Slide Food now occupies a normal place in my life. I stopped categorizing food into good and bad. And once I made the decision to stop dieting, I was able to stop eating past comfortable fullness, or eating too fast and binging.
Shahed, Kuwait
Slide FI had an excellent coaching experience with Arwa. I learned how top understand my body’s cues, stop restricting and stop feeling guilty around food.

Slide HEALTH COACHING Do you eat intuitively? Answer the questionnaire to determine if you are suitable for my Eating Disorder Recovery and Intuitive Eating coaching program. I will be in touch within 3 days once you have completed the questionnaire. I will be very honest with you and let you know if you will benefit from the program or not. I don't take on clients unless they show signs that they are ready and determined to start their journey towards food freedom and living a joyful life without dieting and restriction. Apply for coaching
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