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Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

In a world that glorifies thinness and social media platforms filled with ideal women’s bodies, it’s difficult for many people to accept what they see in the mirror. 

Weight stigma is real and people of all sizes experience it, some more than others. If you are in a larger body, then you have most likely experienced being judged and discriminated against, and that is extremely hurtful and unfair. If you are in a smaller body that is more culturally acceptable, you are still very aware of the prevalent weight stigma and therefore are fearful of it. Either way, you are being harmed and would benefit from mitigating the effects on you.   

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are in a small, medium, large, or extra-large body…exposing yourself to people living their lives no matter their size helps create more acceptance and trains you to see beauty in all sizes. 

Since you were a child, you have been conditioned to see that beauty=thin.

The same way your grandmother probably saw that straight hair was better than curly hair…or light skin is better than darker skin. More recently, having darker skin and curly hair is seen to be just as beautiful. So it’s not a matter of fact but rather the perception of what beauty is. This perception is in your control, you can change it by re-programming your mind.  

Thankfully, there are people on social media who can help you start to see beauty in all shapes and sizes and start this re-programming process. 

By following the accounts suggested below your view of what beautiful means starts to shift. You will also start to break down old beliefs such as “I need to be thin to be fit” or “I can’t be fashionable unless I’m skinny”. 

I have curated some accounts for you to check out and follow, and with time, the algorithm will begin to show you similar accounts, and your feed will start to change the same way your perception will also. 

Rachel Everyday Outfits 

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Rachel is a school teacher sharing everyday casual outfit inspiration. 


Mary’s Cup of Tea

Instagram, YouTube, Podcast 

Mary shares her journey from an eating disorder to recovery and accepting her natural body size. 


Diana Dares

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

As she says “everyday plus size style “, can inspire you to wear elegant outfits to look & feel beautiful from the inside and outside.


Bree Lenehan

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube 

Her accounts focus on body positivity and self-love.

She shows you what a “realistic” woman’s body looks like, and how to be more grateful for your body.


Gabby Male 

Instagram, Podcast, TikTok 

Gabby promotes joyful movement, showing a real body that doesn’t need to be “perfect”, in addition to sharing outfits ideas.


Tally Rye 

Instagram , Podcast , YouTube 

Tally helps to dismantle the stereotype that you must be thin to be fit or even happy. She’s open about her inspiring journey towards body positivity on her platform. Follow her to learn about joyful movement no matter your size. 


Bianca Ribeiro 

TikTok, Instagram 

She inspires you and helps you dress in a modern way through simple steps to appear elegant, and proves that elegance is not limited to a specific body size.

Accepting your body is a journey that may take time, but it is worth it, and you need to build a safe, non-toxic social media environment that supports you through it. With patience and perseverance, you can build your self-confidence and become happier and more satisfied with yourself.

Note: These are just a few examples, there are many other great accounts that provide helpful content about body acceptance and self-love.

Share in the comments: What are your favorite social media accounts that help you embrace your natural body and outfit inspiration?

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