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Can I lose weight with Intuitive Eating?

The most common question that an Intuitive Eating coach gets is “Can I lose weight with Intuitive Eating?” And I’m no exception.

If it’s not a direct question on IG, this is the usual chat I have on Whats App:

Client: I would like to book a consultation, please.

Me: That’s great! What’s the main goal of the consultation?

Client: Weight loss.

Me: I take an Intuitive Eating approach in my coaching which focuses on improving your relationship with food and body. I also work on changing behaviors to reach the client’s health goals. These changes may or may not lead to weight loss. Are you okay with that?

Client: …

After that explanation, the client either moves on (I’m guessing) to someone that will prescribe a meal plan with the promise of (short-term) weight loss, or they are willing to give Intuitive Eating a try because they are truly fed up with doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Those that have been on many diets focus on the short-term result. Which is usually weight loss. However, the long-term result of dieting for 95% of people is gaining all the weight back, if not more.

Why continue doing the same thing (keto, vegan, low-fat, meal plans, calorie counting are all the same) and expect a different result?

The clients that I work with have realized that going on diet after diet is not sustainable, and they are ready to shift their goal from weight loss to something else – weight neutrality, better health, more energy, and better digestion. These goals are more aligned with Intuitive Eating. The purpose of Intuitive Eating is not weight loss, actually pursuing weight loss will stand in the way of becoming an intuitive eater. The goal is better health – both mental and physical. Dieting takes a toll on your mental wellness, while weight cycling is worse for one’s health than being overweight.

In short, it all comes down to your goals.

Is it weight loss? Then don’t diet because you’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Actually dieting over the long-term leads to a lower metabolism and a higher set-point weight.

Is it weight-cycling? Then go ahead and do the latest diet. Just keep in mind weight cycling is harmful to your health over the long term.

Is it better health? Then give Intuitive Eating a try. Contact me and let’s chat.

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