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What do I want people to know about being in a large body?


“I deserve health care just like smaller bodies!”

One day I went to the doctor with a girl who was “thinner” than me and we were diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. The doctor told me “Your problem is easy: you need to lose weight!” then proceeded to give me medicine to treat diabetics! My friend however was able to complete the rest of the medical procedures and tests. I continued to suffer for years from the same problem in addition to developing an eating disorder no thanks to the doctor’s weight loss advice.”


“My body size is not your problem!”

Once my cousin said to me, “Look at your body in the mirror, you have a problem!” I was very hurt at the time, but later I learned a lesson in life that She looks at the world superficially and I refuse to be like her “


“My body size does not give you the right to bully me.”

They used to bully me with horrible words… and when we would meet, they would tell me that I’m fat! And my mother used to say: ‘Slim down your legs’… but now I love my legs.


“My larger size does not mean that I am less valuable than others.”

“My mother always compared me with my cousins ​​in front of them because they were thinner than me and we were the same age, she did not care about my feelings at all.”


“I am older and bigger, so naturally I need to eat more than my little brother.”

My father would say: You eat too much! Why don’t you eat like your younger brother?!


“It’s normal to love sports and be a plus-size girl!”

I have loved playing sports for a long time…resistance training, jumping rope, and dancing. But since my body is not thin & perfect, there was no acknowledgment that I played sports. One day, a family member said: Why don’t you play sports like this girl and put your body in a “better shape”! At that time, I was very sad and affected by this, but after a while, I returned to playing sports because I have the right to move my body as I wish.


“Just because I’m a plus size woman doesn’t mean I’m not successful or ambitious.”

Every time I succeeded with a high grade or received a certificate of appreciation for my participation in a certain activity, or outperformed a group older than me, or presented a genius idea, they would say to me: “Bravo, God willing, you will have the same passion to lose weight!” After that, I abandoned everything I excelled at and became obsessed with my body shape, dieting, and eating disorders.


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