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Coconut Condensed Caramel Milk

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This recipe is a cross between condensed milk and dulce de leche, but of course dairy-free and with the added benefit of using highly nutritious coconut milk.
The longer you let it cook, the stronger the caramel flavor will be, so it’s totally up to you. You can also use all coconut sugar or all honey if you don’t want to use both. All coconut sugar will result in a darker color, and all honey slightly lighter.
There are so many ways you can use this recipe. Here are some of my favorite ways:
  1. Spread it on pancakes while they are still warm instead of maple syrup
  2. Spread it on toast topped with sliced bananas (pictured above)
  3. Stir it into your morning coffee or make a Vietnamese iced coffee (pictured below)
  4. Stir into your afternoon tea
  5. Drizzle over or swirl into banana nice cream
  6. Make Magic Bars
  7. Make Coconut Date Tahini Fudge
I would love to know if you make this and how you like to use it up! Let me know in the comments below.

Coconut Condensed Caramel Milk

Cook Time: 0min
|prep Time: 0min
| total Time: 0min
| servings: 0

  • 2 cans full-fat coconut milk (about 2 1/2 cups) 
  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar 
  • 2 tbsp honey 

  1. Place all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium heat. 
  2. Once the mixture starts to boil, lower the heat to very low. Let the milk simmer very gently and stir from time to time. 
  3. After about 2 to 21/2 hours the mixture will get thick and darker and you’ll be left with almost half of what you started out with. 
  4. Let it cool, then transfer to a jar and store in the fridge. 

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  1. Sarah | 29th Jan 18

    First, thank you for sharing the best, the healthiest and the easiest recipes in the world.

    Second, I have two questions, How many days can we keep the condence milk at refrigerator? Do you have recipe for souce flavors for coffee. I am a latte addict. I would rather to use a sauce instead of syrup to my coffee. Nevertheless, after adapting healthy life style I missed the taste of a rich heazalnut latte with crunchy small heazalnut pieces, like the one at Thinking Cup Cafe in Boston MA if you have tried it 😉 I know you are creative and you will create even better recipe :)) looking forward to it.


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