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Arwa’s Coffee

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I’m addicted to my coffee…that first sweet sip in the morning…especially if it’s quiet (kids still asleep or already in school)…it’s certainly one of my favorite moments in the day.
I do enjoy cappuccinos, lattes, Turkish coffee and Arabic coffee…but not so crazy about espresso or americano. However my absolute favorite is French coffee. Now for many who don’t live in Kuwait, you may assume that French coffee is a French ‘thing’…but I assure you that no French person has ever heard of our version of French coffee. The mastermind behind this coffee ‘blend’ made by mixing Turkish coffee with some type of powdered creamer remains anonymous, however I believe both International Mill and AlRifai lay claim to it’s creation.
I grew addicted over the years to this “French” coffee….so much so that I would have 3 a day! I would have heart palpitations and didn’t like that I had no clue what was in the mix. I started making it myself at home adapting and ‘healthifying’ it over the years. For a time I made it with soy milk powder, but I also wanted to stop using anything processed.  I’ve now found my own ‘blend’ that doesn’t have any creamer and closer in taste to Greek coffee than either Turkish or “French”. I’ve made it healthier by mixing organic decaf with a coffee alternative such as chicory or barley, cocoa powder and ground cardamom.
There’s been a lot of debate about whether coffee is considered healthy or not. It definitely has it’s positives and negatives, and if you drink it in moderation you can avoid the negative effect of caffeine which can be quite addictive, while still benefiting from the high amounts of antioxidants in coffee, as well as protecting the liver thanks to it’s effect on increasing blood circulation.
Pure cocoa has been given superfood status thanks to its rich mineral content, just make sure to use a high quality unsweetened cocoa powder. Cardamom is also amazing for digestion and detoxification. Both barley and chicory can help keep your teeth healthy as both contain ingredients that inhibit the growth of cavity causing bacteria. If you’re using barley keep in mind that it does contain gluten. So if you have a gluten sensitivity it’s best to use chicory coffee.
If you’re a Turkish or espresso drinker I think you would enjoy this blend…especially if you enjoy the taste of coffee but want less caffeine. You can certainly still use regular coffee instead of decaf, and it would still be less caffeine thanks to the coffee alternative and cocoa powder. I love adding cardamom to my coffee, but you can certainly use cinnamon instead if you prefer, or just leave it out entirely.
As always, I would love to hear from you if you try making it. Please leave your comments below, and share your pics with me on snapchat or instagram @ilovecrumbs.

Arwa’s Coffee

Cook Time: 0min
|prep Time: 0min
| total Time: 0min
| servings: 0

Makes 16 servings
  • 1/2 cup finely ground organic decaf coffee
  • 1/4 cup coffee alternative such as barley or chicory
  • 1//4 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 tablespoon cardamom powder

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. You might need to sieve it if you have clumps of cocoa powder. Any cardamom left in the sieve can be added back in to the mix.
  2. Transfer to a jar and seal until you would like to make a cup of coffee.
  3. Make it like you would make Turkish coffee. I use 1 tablespoon per cup. Once the coffee is ready, make sure to strain it into your cup to remove the larger pieces of cardamom.

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  1. Khulood | 12th Sep 17

    جمييييل ليا فترة طويييلة ابغى طريقة قهوتك بدون كافيين. الحمدلله اني لقيت الرابط شكرا اروى، هل بالامكان ارشادي على نوع الشعيى والقهوة منزوعة الكافيين ؟ هل بالامكان شراؤها من ايهرب ؟

    • Arwa | 12th Sep 17

      أهلاً آهلاً خلود. اي قهوة عضوية تنفع. انا اشتريها حب و زطحنها في المنزل. اتوقع في خيارات كثيرة في اي هرب.

  2. Manal | 17th Oct 17

    انتي رااااائعه ممتنه لك ولماتقدميه من فائده ?❤️

    • Arwa | 17th Oct 17

      مشكورة منال هذا من طيبك ?

  3. فريده | 28th Oct 17

    مرحبا أروى
    أضفتك لأن صديقتي المقربه مني جدا قالت لي فريده لقيت نسختك اضيفيها ? .. ولقيت نسخه جميله وتحب القهوه والأكل الصحي مثلي ..يابختي جدا اسعدني التشبيه??
    وراح اكون متابعه مخلصه

    • Arwa | 29th Oct 17

      أهلاً فريدة…أتشرف بمتابعتك ??

  4. zainab hussain | 5th Nov 17

    مساءكم رائحة القهوه الزكيه،تقدروا تفيدوني بأسماء قهوه خاليه من الكافيين اقدر اطلبهم من اي هيرب و الف شكر لك عزيزتي اروى على هالذوق ♥️?

    • Arwa | 14th Nov 17

      أهلا زينب. اي نوعية عضوية راح تنفع

  5. Kawthar | 27th Mar 18

    مرحبا اروى ..مره قريت وانتي قلتي كمان انه القهوه المنزوعة الكافيين يستخدمون فيها موادكيميائيه لازالة الكافيين وهذا مضر طبعاً وقيه نوع يستخدمون شي اقل ضرر لازالته السؤال هو كيف اعرف اذا القهوه الي راح اشتريها مستخدمين مواد كيميائيه اولا

    • Arwa | 28th Mar 18

      مرحبة كوثر. أسهل طريقة تحرصين تكون القهوة عضوية لأنها إذا عضوية لازم يتبعون طريقة إزالة الكافيين بالماء

  6. داليا | 27th Mar 18

    مساء الخير مدام اروى انا من اشد المعجبين في طريقه طبخك نفسي اجي الكويت بس علشان اقابلك الله يسعدك الله يسعدك وطريقه قهوتك عجبتني راح اجربها قريب

    • Arwa | 28th Mar 18

      أهلاً فيك داليا. إن شاء الله تزورينا قريباً

  7. Rinad solène | 10th Sep 18

    يسعد اوقاتك بالخير
    انا اول مرة ازور قناتك والصراحة لقيتها مفيدة جدا اتمني لكي التوفيق والنجاح ان شاء
    ريناد صولان جزائرية من فرنسا

    • Arwa | 13th Sep 18

      حياك اللع رناد ?

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