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Beet It Smoothie Bowl

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The beetroot in this recipe is the star, hence the name. I’m also a Micheal Jackson fan. Beetroot adds an earthy flavor and an irresistible color to this smoothie. I always prefer to have bowls, but if you can make a drinkable smoothie but juicing an extra apple, or adding some coconut water or non-dairy milk.
I didn’t add any granola to the bowl as I’m keeping it totally sugar-free. But I’m sure it would taste awesome with some homemade granola sprinkled on top.

Beet It Smoothie Bowl

Cook Time: 0min
|prep Time: 0min
| total Time: 0min
| servings: 0

  • 1 apple, juiced
  • 1 beetroot, cooked and cooled
  • Handful spinach
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp coconut manna (optional)


  1. Add juice to a blender with the beetroot, banana, spinach, and berries. Blend until smooth. Add more juice, coconut water milk if you want it more “liquidy”.
  2. Top with your favorite smoothie bowl toppings.

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  1. Paula | 19th Feb 20

    You are so creative. Thank you for sharing your delicious delights with us. You have inspired me greatly. So much talent! ?

    • Arwa | 20th Feb 20

      Thanks Paula ☺️

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